Contact Information:

Phone: 832.409.2528

​Houston, TX

JamesBrownJr360 brings his wit and wealth of experience to your project. His distinguished baritone lends polish and professionalism to all of your VoiceOver and VOG needs.

As an in-demand voice over artist, James makes your scripts for commercials, training videos, movie trailers, and documentaries so much more than just words on a page.  His ease to work with, ability to take direction, and flexibility makes him an ideal partner for your next project.

Called “”The voice” by his contemporaries, he has been described as:

“Genuine with a commanding presence,” “Strong, commanding, yet transparent” “Masculine, believable, reassuring.”And the voice? “Smooth like velvet”, “Deep, delightful, yet persuasive.”  "easy to work with, delightfully accommodating", "smooth like velvet", "deep delightful yet persuasive", "genuine with a commanding presence", "strong, commanding yet transparent", "strong, crisp, fresh, empowering", "masculine, believable, reassuring"